Hi there 👋,
We are Tom & Stephan, the co-founders of Lemio. If you were wondering who’s behind this app and what the purpose and vision of this project is, then the next few lines are for you.

We met through the impact founders network Sigma Squared and figured quickly that we have many things in common. We both live and breathe innovation, personal health and sociability. And these three pillars became so much easier through the invention of the smartphone.

So when some people deem the phone to be the worst invention of all times, we argue the opposite: It’s the best!

The problem is not the phone. Innovation is never the problem. The problem is how people use it and how this behavior gets exploited by some companies that manipulate us because they monetize 🤑 one thing only: Your time ⏱!

Despite us being very mindful, ambitious and (thanks to our parents) highly educated people, we were still struggling to escape the distracting traps, to stay productive and at the end of the day it even impacted the physical and mental health of us and our loved ones 👨👧👦. The problem was: The more useful stuff we would do on our phones, the higher the number of unintentional app opens and time wasted.

We tried every single solution on the market, but none of them actually addressed the problem: We are running away from bad feelings 😩 and the phone became the default destination because it’s always there.

Since bad feelings will always remain a part of every human’s day and since the phone will accompany us for the next few years at least, the only solution is a new destination within your phone that helps you cope with your bad feelings, breaks bad phone habits and replaces the bad feeling with a good one. Lemio is just that!

We have a dream 🤩 that one day, every human embraces self-love 😍, is happier and healthier by the things they know, learn and do with Lemio! Alone and together with others. In a hybrid world of On&Offline. But no matter what, where and with whom: Power to the User! We want the users to make their decisions intentionally and be in control of their time.

“Your time belongs to you!” (Not to the phone and not to any app)

This is what the Lemio Team stands and fights for 🎯. We hope you join us on this journey. Let's turn screen time into lifetime!

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